3 images which show the evolution of the Legacy logo.

In 2016 Sara created Legacy International Group from her kitchen table, helping Businesses reach their social impact goal and to be able to include people with disabilities. Sara also worked with non–for profit organisations to ensure they had a source of income to stay running and make a difference with their work.

In 2018 Sara and Leighton met through networking. After meeting for a coffee to understand what each other did in more detail, they realised they wanted the same outcomes in their business. As well as having the same vision they worked really well together, so Leighton joined Legacy as a director. Their first project together involved working with disabled people to break down the barriers that prevented them from establishing their own businesses. where they managed to help many. Later that year they employed their first staff member, Arran, an apprentice, who provided support for them both.

A portrait picture of Sara Flay and Leighton Moris.


2019 became a pivotal year for Legacy, with a need to increase its staff numbers, it provided the opportunity to offer apprenticeships, internships and crucially employ support staff to assist the staff where needed. Of course, we say workplace, but Legacy created a fun working environment for their staff where people could come up with their own ideas and join in with the conversation without feeling under pressure. The end of 2019 saw Legacy achieve further success when along with the charity Scope, we were successfully awarded, by the Welsh Government, a contract to deliver the ‘Working on Wellbeing Wales’ Project. A £1.8 million 3-year, pilot project to deliver employability services to disabled people and to engage with the wider community to deliver training and support in employing disabled people.


In March 2020, just as the first lockdown began, Legacy employed a team of individuals to deliver the Legacy side of the Working on Wellbeing Wales project. One, of the individuals employed was Gareth Marshall, who brought with him experience from another third sector organisation and a background in senior management. As the Business Development Manager, Gareth has been responsible for expanding the project across Wales. 

As a result of the Covid Pandemic during 2020 and 2021, like many companies and organisations Legacy faced many challenges and threats to our operations and projects including sadly a reduction in our staffing numbers. 

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During 2021, Sara and Leighton appointed new directors including Gareth and began the task of restructuring the group. Maintaining the Group’s ethos, it was agreed that we needed a commercial arm, along with an independent charity foundation. Gareth agreed to become the director of the charity and following a successful application to the Charity Commision, ‘Legacy in the Community’ received approval and charity status in November 2021. 


Now in 2022, we have a smaller but more focussed team with a shared vision to make a difference in our community. 

To find out more and to follow our future plans, please take a look at our ‘About us’ and ‘Events’ pages.