The Arctic Challenge Logo

The Arctic Challenge

In 2023, in collaboration with The Woodmor Foundation and Tilbury Douglas, we have an exciting project that will give 12 people with disabilities or long-term health conditions over the age of 25 a chance to learn life skills and Work skills as independence skills in an exciting Arctic Challenge in Sweden.

Working on Wellbeing logo

Working on Wellbeing

Working on Wellbeing is an employment training and support programme for disabled people in Wales. We will work with you to develop a programme around your career goals and how you can achieve them. 

Virtual World of Work logo

Virtual World of Work

The Virtual World of Work is a project that helps ALN students understand the future career path they would like to go down and how to get there.

Legacy Sport logo

Legacy Sport

Legacy Sport is a project that aims to bring inclusive sport for all to be involved in and to partake at their own speed. We believe that anyone can take part no matter ability or background.

Employability Roadshow logo

Employability Roadshow

The Employability Roadshow provides information, support and resources to the disabled looking for work and employers aiming the recruit in the not for profit sector.

Mental Health Hub logo

Mental Health Hub

We aim to create a hub, giving people an opportunity to step away from the pressures of everyday life, enjoy a hot drink, smile, make new friends and notably support each other.

Pod and Dot logo

Pod and Dot

Pod and Dot aims to give disabled artists of all forms a platform to showcase their work and bring awareness to disability in the arts.