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Legacy Sport is a project that aims to bring inclusive sport for all to be involved in and to partake at their own speed. We believe that anyone can take part no matter ability or background. Legacy Sport was created off the back of the Project Leads (Nathan) finding of wheelchair sport. ‘’It was finally the level of sport that I could play without feeling too disabled or too abled to play, and I want others to feel the same’’. Wheelchair sport creates a level playing field for all, giving people a chance to experience sport but fair. ‘’even though I’m not as fast as others, but I still feel like I can compete at a decent level,’’ said Nathan.  

We would also like to use wheelchair sport to teach about disability and how it can affect different people. Not just being in a wheelchair, we would like to showcase other disabilities like sight and hearing loss. We want to go into schools and give students a chance to give disability sport a go and show how challenging it can be. By doing this, we believe that it will open eyes to what disabled people go through every day but in a fun activity.