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The Inspiring Tale of Marlon, the French Bulldog

The news and the media are rife with bad news. We read and hear about the disruptions in Parliament, holiday woes, pandemics, and the rising cost of living. It can have an impact on how we see things, as so often things can be tainted with negativity. However, there are stories out there that can […]

Airports Have a History of Letting Down Disabled Passengers

In May 2020, Frank Gardner, a BBC security correspondent, boarded a flight from Estonia via Helsinki.  Upon landing at Heathrow, he reported being stuck on the plane long after the other passengers had left.  Frank had requested assistance but Heathrow failed to get his wheelchair to him upon landing.   According to the Civil Aviation Authority, […]

Is £10 enough to feed you for a week?

If you live in the UK, you will have found it hard to hide from the news in recent months with regard to the cost-of-living crisis.  With worldwide events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and the war in Ukraine, the UK is seeing huge price hikes, not just for luxury items but for everyday […]

Legacy in the Community Supports CRADLE and Tilbury Douglas Partnership with Comfort Bags

  Gareth MarshallManaging Director Tilbury Douglas, a leading UK building company, has partnered with CRADLE (Reg charity No:1190761) to launch the first CRADLE pregnancy loss service in Wales at Prince Charles Hospital. CRADLE focuses on supporting anyone affected by pregnancy loss, as well as providing resources to healthcare professionals across the health board. Over 40 […]

Is the UK Accessible for Disabled Tourists?

It’s nearly that time again when the UK either basks in glorious sunshine or is soaked by rain, but either way, it’s the traditional UK holiday season!   As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel has been suspended, so British people who wish to travel and have a holiday must find an alternative. As […]

Blog: I Have Something To Confess About ME

  Kariss GledhillSocial Media Assistant and Events Co-ordinator This is my first time ever writing a blog! And it just so happens to be something super personal and private. I’ll try and keep it as brief as I can as this could very easily turn into some kind of dissertation with the amount there is […]

Disability and Accessing Mental Health Services

More often than not, people that are born with a disability or have acquired one have been treated through a medical lens – for example, this is the ‘problem’ and this is how to fix it. Next! Now, when this individual is thrust into a society that functions with outdated ideologies regarding disability, the mental […]

One Week on from the Winter Paralympics: What Next?

Now that the Winter Paralympics has drawn to a close, there are several poignant moments to look back on. Great Britain has collected an impressive six medals, a gold, a silver, and bronzes from the alpine skiing and snowboarding categories. It has been a historic year for Team GB, with 19-year old Neil Simpson being […]

Legacy’s Beginnings: A Reflection From Its Founder

In a personal post on LinkedIn, Legacy in the Community’s original founder and director Sara Flay has shared her personal experience of what it has been like to build an organisation from the ground up.  The beginnings of the social enterprise came together six years ago at Sara’s farmhouse table, where it has seen many […]